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558 Metcalfe Road Ferndale DevelopmentHarrisdale416 Balfour Street Southern River6/4 Hardy Street, South Perth4c Malham Lane Canning ValePiara Waters90 Castlewood Parkway Southern River23 Westland Way, Hilbert3 Luciana Way, Hilbert23 Westland Way, Hilbert20 Kudos Circuit, Harrisdale249 Mason Road, Piara Waters418 Beenyup Road, Banjup21 Carlhausen Close, Atwell5 Karri Avenue, Canning Vale23 Otterden Street, Gosnells3 Alaska Crescent Southern River3 Paavo View, Hilbert18 Crufts Way Canning Vale16 Archdale Loop Piara Waters20 Sorrento Road Piara Waters41 Meldrum Loop Bedfordale24 Newmerrie Street, Southern River20 Ernest Way, Hilbert27 Wyoming Loop Harrisdale4 Stretton Way Kenwick73/996 Hay Street Perth10 Solander Street Harrisdale3/135 Fitzroy Road, Rivervale4 Casa Place, Southern River3 Poinsettia Grove, South Lake10 Dimer Way, Hammond Park60 Burdekin Turn, Hilbert12 Cudal Place, Armadale 4 Jubaea Court Canning Vale18 Hamsterley Way, Hilbert26 Ewens Pass, Wandi11 Wheaton Street Southern River4 Ashdown Way, Hilbert5 Messina Way Piara Waters18 Nuffield Street Piara Waters11 Weymouth Road, Aubin Grove40 Springfields Close, Banjup4/5 Davies Street, East Cannington3/5 Doherty Road Coolbellup 14 Oaklawn Street Hilbert18 Miramar Way Piara Waters29 Fairfield Gardens Canning Vale7B Hardwick Boulevard, Canning Vale38 Menzies Street, Rivervale16 Mildura Way, Harrisdale12 Embassy Court, ThornlieProposed Lot 89 6 Born Road, Casuarina76 Follington Place, Banjup62a Goodwood Way, Canning Vale58 Dalyup Road Southern River44 Dunmore Crescent, Harrisdale72 Ralphs Street, Seville Grove14 Buttress Street, Whitby19 Roebuck Avenue, Canning Vale8 Torrens Street, Swan View5 Lucknow Street Piara Waters11 Grieve Way Bedfordale20 Ghost Gum Road Willetton4 Strutt Parkway, Southern River44 Sunstone Boulevard, Treeby6 Belvoir Road, Hilbert