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558 Metcalfe Road Ferndale Development23 Glentrool Gardens, Canning Vale13 Cologne Parkway, Piara Waters22 Camballin Street, Harrisdale48 Ramorine Turn, Southern River201845 Kurrajong Drive, Thornlie7 Ogilvie Way, Harrisdale8 Pembrooke Lane, Canning Vale29 Copperback Circle, Huntingdale10 Goldfinch Bend, Harrisdale9 Ackworth Road, Treeby42 Riva Entrance, Piara Waters47 Rockefeller Way, Harrisdale4 Newport Way, Lynwood6 Juniper Court, Thornlie88 Southacre Drive, Canning Vale4/39 Wood Street, Inglewood4 Gaddara Corner, Byford103 Smyth Road, Nedlands21 Hallstrom Way, Canning Vale16 Turtledove Road, Harrisdale51 West End Parade, Canning Vale34 Buckingham Road, Kelmscott 22 Sidgwick Avenue, Piara Waters9 Soho Lane, Harrisdale8 Samuel Loop, Canning Vale17 St Agnes Green, Southern River64B Lester Drive, Thornlie5 Schonell Way, Piara Waters449 Balfour Street, Southern River11 Tarn Drive, Canning Vale40A Crawshaw Crescent, Manning32/2 Angwin Street, East Fremantle55A Helm Street, Maddington21 Heysen Parade, Southern River10 Appleton Road, Piara Waters13 Dangerfield Grove, Canning Vale113 Dovedale Street, Harrisdale7 Ninan Way, Canning Vale40 Cedar Way, Maddington41 Corriedale Place, Thornlie 68 Koolbardi Loop, Byford7 Coran Place, Camillo1B Kalee Court, Huntingdale67 Wellman Avenue, Piara Waters2 Napoli Ave, Piara Waters21 Montebello Boulevard, Two Rocks4 Newell Loop, Gosnells16 Solway Green, Canning Vale285 Spencer Road, Thornlie79 Tipuana Terrace, Harrisdale13/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 4/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 9 Glenview Way, Southern River119 Dorothy Street, Gosnells16 Polyantha Gardens, Mirrabooka50 Wallangarra Drive, Bedfordale9 Prairie Street, Southern River2019Units 1-14/74 Carbeen View, Piara WatersPROPOSED LOTS 2 & 3 of 200 Grand Promenade, Bedford Riva Estate, Piara Waters 407 Beenyup Road, Banjup71 Welcome Meander, Harrisdale21 Tompkins Way, Harrisdale11 Rathlin Cove, Canning Vale17 Ladham Turn, Canning Vale16 Duckbill Loop, Southern River56 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale15 Southampton Drive, Piara Waters58 Reynolds Road, Mount Pleasant1B Basalt Road, Harrisdale 65 Ramorine Turn, Southern River67 Mayor Street, Harrisdale57 Villatella Gardens, Piara Waters2 St Fillans Bend, Wanneroo23 Clearwater Drive, Southern River54 Excelsior Drive, Canning Vale1 Darter Way, Harrisdale10 Lowerhall Gardens, Southern River7 Bayham Place, Huntingdale24/17-21 Third Avenue, Kelmscott30 Grapestone Road, Piara Waters6 Dunholme Place, Huntingdale13 Pyramid Road, Harrisdale135 Southacre Drive, Canning Vale11a Baystone Parade, Harrisdale235 Lambeth Circle, Wellard45A Doolette Street, Spearwood 126 Verna Street, Gosnells108 Alcock Street, Maddington8 Gabyon Street, Harrisdale 7 Tipperary Bend, Canning Vale78 Murdoch Road THORNLIE67 Elkhorn Avenue, Southern River9 Hannan Place, Huntingdale50 Peaceful Vista, Harrisdale17 Berkeley Loop, Piara Waters5 Mildura Way, Harrisdale10 Macdougal Way, Harrisdale25 Annato Entrance, Byford19 Turtledove Road Harrisdale5 Bayonne Corner, Piara Waters1 Bramley Drive, Canning Vale104a Furley Road, Southern River212 Wright Road, HarrisdaleLot 9001 Marnbu Road, Southern River1 Melton Hill Lane, Champion Lakes25 Chiddington Street, Beckenham43 Manhattan Concourse, Hilbert22 Sackler Link, Piara Waters12 Parkway Road, Thornlie292 Wright Road, Harrisdale51 Camballin Street, Harrisdale108 Gay Street, Huntingdale21 Rufford Lane, Canning Vale9 Shelduck Bend, Harrisdale56 Clifton Street Kelmscott55 Galena Way, Byford56 Kellerman Way Gosnells16 Birmingham Parade, Piara Waters 40 Admiralty Road, Canning Vale10 Consulate Court, Thornlie1 Beagle Place, Thornlie3/5 Jesmond Street, Safety Bay339 Wright Road, Piara Waters38 Kingsland Loop, Canning Vale266 Skeet Road, Harrisdale15 Jamison Grove, Wellard132 Attfield Street, Maddington 89 Birdwood Avenue, Como9 Rhone Way, Piara Waters7 Parrot Court, Gosnells12 Cheltenham Approach, Harrisdale52 Waratah Boulevard, Canning Vale21 Tordera Parkway, Piara Waters11 Sheldon Street, Piara Waters5 The Grandstand, Harrisdale21 Nikon Road, Harrisdale13 Marseille Gardens, Piara Waters12 Archdale Loop, Piara Waters1/101 Portcullis Drive, Willetton7 Mosley Street, Hilbert15b Fairlie Road, Canning Vale 34 Merrifield Circle, Leeming3/201 Boardman Road, Canning Vale14 Crouch Place, Canning Vale