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558 Metcalfe Road Ferndale Development67 Wellman Avenue, Piara Waters2 Napoli Ave, Piara Waters21 Montebello Boulevard, Two Rocks4 Newell Loop, Gosnells16 Solway Green, Canning Vale285 Spencer Road, Thornlie79 Tipuana Terrace, Harrisdale13/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 4/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 9 Glenview Way, Southern River119 Dorothy Street, Gosnells16 Polyantha Gardens, Mirrabooka128 Keane Road, Harrisdale50 Wallangarra Drive, Bedfordale9 Prairie Street, Southern River2019Units 1-14/74 Carbeen View, Piara WatersPROPOSED LOTS 2 & 3 of 200 Grand Promenade, Bedford Riva Estate, Piara Waters 407 Beenyup Road, Banjup71 Welcome Meander, Harrisdale21 Tompkins Way, Harrisdale11 Rathlin Cove, Canning Vale17 Ladham Turn, Canning Vale16 Duckbill Loop, Southern River56 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale15 Southampton Drive, Piara Waters6 Bottrell Way, Canning Vale1B Basalt Road, Harrisdale 65 Ramorine Turn, Southern River24/17-21 Third Avenue, Kelmscott8 Gabyon Street, Harrisdale 25 Chiddington Street, Beckenham16 Birmingham Parade, Piara Waters36 St Agnes Green, Southern River520 Balfour Street, Southern River201 Eudoria Street, Gosnells 3/10 Bluestone Loop, Piara Waters11 Greentree Drive, Southern River71 Stortford Road, Southern River 23 Exchange Avenue, Harrisdale35 Flametree Boulevard, Harrisdale16 Montpelier Loop, Canning Vale 23 Lexington Avenue, Hilbert 20 Calneggia Drive, Byford4/2 Hartley Street, Gosnells13 Amos Loop, Canning Vale29 Camballin Street, Harrisdale4 Balliol Court, Piara Waters26 Kingsland Loop, Canning Vale8/18 Hedley Street, Bentley7 Sackler Link, Piara Waters67 Teague Street, Victoria Park5/36 King George Street, Victoria Park 3 Leicester Crescent, Canning Vale11 Sackler Link, Piara Waters60 Carbeen View, Piara Waters5 Plymouth Corner, Success3 Diamond Way, Harrisdale161 Lakey Street, Southern River51 Dellar Road, Maddington31 Jilakin Loop, Canning Vale9 Stornaway Court, Seville Grove348 Rowley Road, Wandi47 Lakey Street, Southern River 18 Padua Road, Piara Waters11 Churchill Green, Canning Vale16 Daleford Way, Southern River15 Edgehill Walk, Piara Waters21 Orkney Crescent, Canning Vale 13 Shelduck Bend, Harrisdale49 Goodall Street, Gosnells5 Lucknow Street, Piara Waters29 Rothery Loop, Piara Waters 41 Welbeck Road, Canning Vale18 Penhurst Court, Thornlie1 Lubberdina Court, Gosnells20 Hockley Loop, Canning Vale8 Bosbaan Place, Champion Lakes42 Villatella Gardens, Piara Waters4 Kimball Street, Haynes27 Illawarra Crescent, Canning Vale37 Benalla Drive Harrisdale 5 Camelot Court, Thornlie2B Gotha Way, Forrestfield34 Avalanche Loop, Haynes46 Bindoon Loop, Huntingdale12 D'Vitale Loop, Byford 22 Davidia Lake Drive, Canning Vale9 Sheldon Street, Piara Waters32 Bristle Avenue, Southern River4 Selbourne Road, Southern River 4 Kiah Mews, Canning Vale85 Waterfoot Loop, Canning Vale32 Pershing Link, Harrisdale67 Ashburton Drive, Gosnells20 Jasper Corner, Canning Vale12 Casuarina Court, Canning Vale 3 Wellman Avenue, Piara Waters10 Baldessin Avenue Harrisdale202 Amherst Road Canning Vale17 Dunmore Crescent Harrisdale45 Pyramid Road Harrisdale23 Lowannaa Way, Martin23 Bristow Street, Haynes17 Baillon Pass, Harrisdale291A Railway Avenue, Armadale14 Greenlink Boulevard, Harrisdale27 Bordeaux Parade, Piara Waters24 Mardja Loop, Mardella5 Berkeley Loop, Piara Waters19 St Agnes Green, Southern River 35 Hilton Crescent, Maddington5 Archdale Loop, Piara Waters2/144 Gibbs Street, East Cannington5 Glentrool Gardens Canning Vale 29 Nesbit Drive, Haynes4 Brolga Grove Seville Grove11 Regatta Blvd, Champion Lakes 9A Darling Chase, Wandi 20 Fortunella Grove, Seville Grove