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23 Glentrool Gardens, Canning Vale13 Cologne Parkway, Piara Waters22 Camballin Street, Harrisdale48 Ramorine Turn, Southern River45 Kurrajong Drive, Thornlie7 Ogilvie Way, Harrisdale8 Pembrooke Lane, Canning Vale29 Copperback Circle, Huntingdale10 Goldfinch Bend, Harrisdale9 Ackworth Road, Treeby42 Riva Entrance, Piara Waters47 Rockefeller Way, Harrisdale4 Newport Way, Lynwood6 Juniper Court, Thornlie88 Southacre Drive, Canning Vale4/39 Wood Street, Inglewood4 Gaddara Corner, Byford103 Smyth Road, Nedlands21 Hallstrom Way, Canning Vale16 Turtledove Road, Harrisdale51 West End Parade, Canning Vale34 Buckingham Road, Kelmscott 22 Sidgwick Avenue, Piara Waters3 Butter Gum Close, Serpentine9 Soho Lane, Harrisdale8 Samuel Loop, Canning Vale17 St Agnes Green, Southern River64B Lester Drive, Thornlie5 Schonell Way, Piara Waters449 Balfour Street, Southern River11 Tarn Drive, Canning Vale40A Crawshaw Crescent, Manning32/2 Angwin Street, East Fremantle55A Helm Street, Maddington21 Heysen Parade, Southern River10 Appleton Road, Piara Waters13 Dangerfield Grove, Canning Vale113 Dovedale Street, Harrisdale7 Ninan Way, Canning Vale40 Cedar Way, Maddington41 Corriedale Place, Thornlie 68 Koolbardi Loop, Byford7 Coran Place, Camillo1B Kalee Court, Huntingdale67 Wellman Avenue, Piara Waters2 Napoli Ave, Piara Waters21 Montebello Boulevard, Two Rocks4 Newell Loop, Gosnells16 Solway Green, Canning Vale70 Wyoming Loop, Harrisdale285 Spencer Road, Thornlie79 Tipuana Terrace, Harrisdale21 Bitalli Bend, Byford21 Mandalup Road, Haynes16 Bevis Court, Byford13/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 7/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 1/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 4/14 Gelirah Lane, Martin 111 Connell Avenue, Martin9 Silda Place, Gosnells 34 Tiger Circle, Southern River30/11 Hazlett Way, Canning Vale59 Bennett Drive, Canning Vale9/9 Bowman Street, South Perth41 Dalyup Road, Southern River29 Conder Way, Southern River119 Dorothy Street, Gosnells1/30 Jennings Way, Lockridge58 Gosnells Road West, Maddington6 Rockefeller Way, Harrisdale1 Mercer Place, Thornlie7 Waratah Court, Maddington2 Greenland Boulevard, Canning Vale16 Polyantha Gardens, Mirrabooka22 Inspire Loop, Champion Lakes 12 Roscommon Vista, Huntingdale9 Hannan Place, Huntingdale34 Illawarra Crescent, Canning Vale10 Kiah Mews, Canning Vale 40 Mayor Street, Harrisdale4 Starlight Pass, Seville Grove 50 Wallangarra Drive, Bedfordale6 MacDougal Way, Harrisdale4 Walkingdale Promenade, Southern River5 Bletchley Parkway, Southern River26 Faverolles Drive, Southern River126 Stock Road, Attadale16 Willowdale Promenade, Piara Waters 54 Ningaloo Way, Thornlie4 Darwinia Loop, Canning Vale42 Spyglass Circle, Canning Vale10 Barrett Street, Southern River Units 1-14/74 Carbeen View, Piara Waters4 Philp Close, Huntingdale22 Rochford Street, Canning Vale10 Mettler Court, Canning Vale 101 Dumbarton Road, Canning Vale1 Kinsale Parkway, Canning Vale8 Wellman Avenue, Piara WatersLOT 33 Cairn Road, Southern River40A Digby Street, GosnellsPROPOSED LOTS 2 & 3 of 200 Grand Promenade, Bedford 9 Glenloth Road, Byford2 Pentecost Loop, Southern River376 Wright Road, Piara Waters25 Froudist Circle, Southern River9 Fridayhill Drive, Southern River12 Prunella Crescent, Canning Vale34 Wallangarra Drive, Bedfordale9 Southern River Road, Gosnells26 Barclay Way, Piara Waters4 Meka Way, Harrisdale 64 Spring Road, Thornlie 7 Wynyard Way, Willetton47 Bedfordale Hill Road, Mount Richon20 Baddesley Way, Canning Vale66 William Road, Armadale21 Ezekiel Ave, Canning Vale6 Abernethy Grove, Seville Grove16 Binnia Mews, Harrisdale10 Kennett Street, Maddington9 Durack Crescent, Gosnells190 Castlewood Parkway, Southern River15 Vickridge Close, Beaconsfield 4 Keble Lane, Piara Waters1/31 Astley Street, Gosnells67 Millstream Drive, Southern River6 Hybrid Court, Treeby22 Lycett Turn, Southern River19 Brunswick Road, Thornlie28 Dumas Drive, Bedfordale15 Boranup Rise, Piara Waters20 Kardan Blvd, Byford63 Waterperry Drive, Canning Vale4/207 Shepperton Road, East Victoria Park30 Salter Road, Mount Nasura2 Ypres Road, Camillo30 Ranford Street, Kelmscott36 Tambulam Way, Armadale60 Morton Loop, Canning Vale200C Cammillo Road, Kelmscott178 Boardman Road, Canning Vale84 Warrilow Loop, Canning Vale114 Bennett Drive, Canning Vale14 Piesse Place, Seville Grove 40 Riva Entrance, Piara Waters 7 Bingham Way, Byford19 Barton Loop, Piara Waters3 Hokin Way, Canning Vale14 Aviemore Green, Canning Vale4 Kersley Loop, Harrisdale20A Barrett Street, Southern River39 Endeavour Avenue, Bull Creek 4 Yulan Court, Huntingdale3 Lily Place, Thornlie 21 Ravenhill Road, Thornlie 95 Riverside Lane, Seville Grove 6 Ramorine Turn, Southern River3 Kamber Court, Maddington 83 Barnevelder Bend, Southern River11 Millcroft Elbow, Jandakot