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558 Metcalfe Road Ferndale DevelopmentRiva Estate, Piara Waters 407 Beenyup Road, Banjup71 Welcome Meander, Harrisdale21 Tompkins Way, Harrisdale11 Rathlin Cove, Canning Vale17 Ladham Turn, Canning Vale16 Duckbill Loop, Southern River56 Hazeldene Drive, Harrisdale15 Southampton Drive, Piara Waters1B Basalt Road, Harrisdale OLD65 Ramorine Turn, Southern River24/17-21 Third Avenue, Kelmscott OLD8 Gabyon Street, Harrisdale 25 Chiddington Street, Beckenham16 Birmingham Parade, Piara Waters36 St Agnes Green, Southern River520 Balfour Street, Southern River201 Eudoria Street, Gosnells 16 Montpelier Loop, Canning Vale 23 Coulthard Crescent, Canning Vale54 Balfour Street, Huntingdale3 Manuka Street, Baldivis90 Grovelands Drive, Camillo18 Hedgeley Way, Canning Vale - 202176 Gay Street, Huntingdale200 Grand Promenade, Bedford110 Keane Road, Harrisdale7/132 Cockburn Road, Munster2/55 Evelyn Street, Gosnells51a Magdalen Loop, Piara Waters 3 Marara Street, Hilbert1 Fysh Place, Huntingdale 549 St Albans Road, Baldivis 7 Rufous Lane, Harrisdale19 Riverton Drive West Rossmoyne19 Illawarra Crescent, Canning Vale6 Turin Lane, Piara Waters 3 Boyd Place, Canning Vale118 Keane Road, Harrisdale6 Sachem Bend, Piara Waters3 Essen Link, Piara Waters16 Wolfson Way, Piara Waters1/210 Kooyong Road, Rivervale 55 Bennett Drive, Canning Vale 28 Sidcup Way, Kelmscott39 Welford Promenade, Southern River50 Mooring Crescent, Ocean Reef15 Ditton Corner, Wellard1/31 Astley Street, Gosnells170 Castlewood Parkway, Southern River2 Portes Road, Southern River35 Stillwell Circuit, Hilbert5/19 Muscari Close, Seville Grove477 Balfour Street, Southern River 48 Rockefeller Way, Harrisdale13 Prairie Street, Southern River2 Hidcote Nook, Canning Vale10 Codrington Street, Southern River18 Collared Street, Harrisdale3 Ingot Lane, Harrisdale122 Station Street, East Cannington77 Welcome Meander, Harrisdale22 Rosemary Court, Huntingdale16 Northerly Drive, Harrisdale13 Collared Street, Harrisdale11 Kirkpatrick Court, Seville Grove8 Malachite Avenue, Southern River 15 Utica Lane, Hilbert 104C James Street, Gosnells27 Cannich Boulevard, Canning Vale23 Samphire Road, Canning Vale21 Primrose Loop Byford30 Castlewood Parkway Southern River11 Passendale Crescent, Piara Waters12 Breelya Rise, Canning Vale75 Fairweather Drive Piara Waters29 Baystone Parade, Harrisdale32 Jilakin Loop, Canning Vale12 Halite Way, Treeby31 Jonquil Loop, Seville Grove52 Highbury Boulevard, Baldivis10 Gwalia Place, Gosnells27 Nullagine Way Gosnells35 Nesbit Drive, Haynes43 Halcyon Loop, Southern River157 Keane Road, Harrisdale82 Dovedale Street, Harrisdale30 Escada Way, Piara Waters29 O'connor Loop Canning Vale31 Philadelphia Parade, Canning Vale7 Ritter Approach, Piara Waters6 Greendale Place, Kelmscott5 Arion Avenue, Harrisdale106/181 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth15 Coolabah Drive, Mount Nasura14 Harrisdale Drive, Harrisdale9 Pixie Street, Byford52 Rockefeller Way, Harrisdale40b Challis Road Armadale63 Exchange Avenue, Harrisdale22 Pershing Link Harrisdale18 Cornforth Way, Piara Waters13 Jacana Place, Gosnells7 Strutt Parkway, Southern River 31 Kooya Way, Wattle Grove37 Lausanne Way, Canning Vale287 Railway Avenue Armadale11 Pindalup Street, Piara Waters106 Terence Street, Gosnells98B Millstream Drive, Southern River6 Waterlily Close, Huntingdale37 Minnie Grove, Hilbert13 Crested Turn, Harrisdale15 Bayonne Corner Piara Waters16 Aster Court, Thornlie28 Dew Street, Forrestdale2/314 Wright Road, Piara Waters2 Reichel Place, Huntingdale