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On behalf of the Directors and staff at Attree Real Estate; we are excited to invite you to Attree's 2018 Christmas Fair.

The company is extremely grateful for all the support we have received from local residents over the past 10 years and so we are putting this event on for our local community as a thank you to all involved.

Check in regularly for updates and for hints and clues to our special Christmas treasure hunt!


LOCATION: Harrisdale Pavilion and Reserve

DATE: 1st December 2018

TIME: 4.00pm - 7.00pm


ENTRY - FREE all day!
SIDESHOW ALLEY - $2 - $5 for your chance to win!
FOOD & DRINK - We will have 9x Food Trucks on the day to buy food and drinks! 
COFFEE - FREE thanks to! 

Bouncy Castles

This small bouncy castle will keep your little ones entertained for hours!

Tweety’s cage is ideal for young children with plenty of room to jump and tumble and a safety net so they won’t fall out. Standing at 6.5m tall, it’s a very impressive looking bouncy castle!



One of their newest, most epic Obstacle Course – THE DNA CHALLENGE!

This monster 3 piece interchangeable unit will for sure entertain every one at your next event, from toddlers to older generations! Set up exclusively at several locations around WA, this inflatable slide/obstacle won’t get unnoticed!! With a sheer 40m of bouncy castle, this will not only impress the kids but also everyone driving past! Climb up to the top of the slide, enjoy the rush down to weave your way through, around and over obstacles, giving your best mate a high five on the way through.

This amazing course can be used summer or winter! Why not grabs some mates and time yourselves to see who can get through the course first!



This awesome inflatable features two slides for double the fun.

This huge water slide provides hours of fun and is sure to be a smash hit at any party.

Climb up the stairs and reach the top, then let yourself slide down. 



Everyone loves a bit of Aussie Football.

Now you get to play like your superstar AFL boys and bring it right to your event. Kick the ball, really hard. How far back can you go?



Ahoy me matey!

Don’t upset the captain or he might make you walk the plank.

Are you ready to leave the shore?

Jump on board the one of a kind Pirate Ship Slide!



Race your friends and beat the clock through the 10m Long Obstacle Challenge!!

A great alternative to a standard bouncy castle. You are still enjoying inflatable fun, but jumping through obstacles and testing your agility.



Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

It might not be the Krusty Krab but you can experience the underwater madness yourself and have a great time.

Run, jump, play basketball and slide your way down to the mini obstacles. This deluxe bouncy castle is good for all ages and both boys and girls.

Parents you can relax while your kids keep themselves entertained! 

Sideshow Alley

Head down to Sideshow Alley! 

Laughing Clowns - $5

See if you can win a prize!


Pluck a Duck - $5


$2 Lucky Numbers

See if you can pick a lucky number and win a prize!

Lucky Number Amusement Park Carnival Game Push Toys royalty-free stock photo

Food Trucks


Little Market Place is a boutique market events business specialising in community market events.
LMP is arranging for 9 food trucks to attend our Attree 2018 Christmas Fair!  

Stay tuned to find out which food trucks we will have available on the day! 


Animal Farm

The Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

The wonderful Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm will be attending on the day! They are a travelling farm consisting of a lovely selection of very friendly animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs, goats, a piglet, chickens, bantam hens, a rooster, ducklings (when available), ducks and quail! 

Their experienced TRAVELLING FARM Crew Members have Police and Working with Children Clearance.

The Attree Tent


Our beloved Attree Mascott 'Homey' will be making an appearance on the day, along with many of our Attree staff members. Be sure to look out for our wonderful blue friend under the Attree Tent or out and about with the animals!

The Attree Tent will feature an array of fun games for the kids to play with the chance to win heaps of prizes with the fellow Attree team.

We will stand out all in BLUE and will also be placed right next to the St John First Aid Marquee and event offices for in the event of an emergency. 


Santa's Coming to Town!

Dont miss SANTA and his helpers kids!

He is taking a break from his busy schedule preparing the toys for the little boys and girls of Perth and will be stopping by to say hello!

Santa will be arriving at the Pavillion at 5.00pm.


Image result for santa driving sleigh - FREE Coffee Van


Come and have a FREE coffee on

Australia's leading real estate portal. Look out for the red van on the day!

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